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Team Lloyd is generously supported by Oakenhurst Aircraft Services Ltd
A Message from the Chairman at Oakenhurst:

You’ve all heard of show jumping, cross country, eventing and dressage, but how many of you have heard of Endurance Riding?

It’s a lesser known equine discipline and one I have come to know over the past year or so. It’s a horse sport which has impressed me and one which I believe needs to have its profile raised. By sponsoring Team Lloyd Endurance I felt I could contribute to that.

So what is it about the sport that makes me want to sponsor it?

Well, I’m incredibly impressed at what the horses achieve in Endurance; their level of fitness, their love of what they do, their stamina, their spirit and their loyalty to the rider. The dedication of the rider is also to be admired. Endurance Riders put their horses first; that is overwhelmingly apparent to me. The rules of Endurance Riding centre around the well-being of the horse and, having attended several competitive events last season, I saw this first hand. The horses are monitored very closely by attending veterinarians every step of the way – and I liked that. It’s an exciting sport and I’d like to raise its profile by supporting it.

Oakenhurst Aircraft Services are proud to sponsor Team Lloyd Endurance and now I’ll hand over to Jackie Lloyd, owner and rider of the Lloyd Endurance stable to tell you more!


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