Beau Holdings

Beau Holdings is delighted to sponsor Lloyd Endurance.

Having grown up with horses I have gained incredible admiration and love for all shapes and sizes; but Arabians, for me, are the cream of the crop. They are such powerful and graceful animals with hearts of gold, unparalleled drive and stamina with a little unpredictability thrown in to really get the riders and crew’s hearts racing.

Whilst I admire and enjoy all equine disciplines, it is the overwhelming feats and distances that endurance horses can overcome which makes it my favoured type.
It is not just the horse, however, that must be admired. The mental and physical strain on the rider is phenomenal over such long distances, not to mention the skill to control such highly tuned animals and the unconditional bond they have with their horse.

Finally, having been a crew member several times myself, they can’t go without a mention. No competitive ride would be possible, for horse nor rider, without their crew, waiting at each crew and vet gate to cool off, monitor, encourage and refuel the duo. Moreover, the time and effort put in for all events; from organisers and stewards to vets and farriers, really does make this sport an incredible spectacle.

Good luck to all of Team Lloyd for the upcoming season. Both you and your horses certainly deserve all the support and admiration I have to give.

Daniel Lloyd